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The Emotion Code™ Complete Introduction Package
Watch the video below to discover how The Emotion Code™ can transform your life!

Here's Everything You Get With The Emotion Code™ Complete Introduction Package...


"The Emotion Code™ LIVE" Recorded Seminar

  • Witnessing the healing power of The Emotion Code™ LIVE is one of the most powerful experiences for many of our audince members. I've recorded one of my best LIVE seminars so you can get the same results from the comfort of your own home!
  • You'll be able to follow along as I work with members of the LIVE audience to discover and release trapped emotions in a matter of minutes.
  • Watch and learn the exact techniques I use to apply The Emotion Code™ so that you can begin using the same healing techniques on yourself as well as your friends and family.
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Chart of Emotions

  • This 3" x 5" magnet will help you memorize The Emotion Code™ Chart Of Emotions. By placing it somewhere you'll see it every day, you'll soon be able to identify and release Trapped Emotions wherever you are.
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The Emotion Code™
MP3 Audio Book

  • The information you need to transform your life is waiting is now able to travel with you wherever you go. Download this audio book instantly and enjoy whenever and wherever you want.
  • Narrated by Dr Nelson himself, you not only get the poweful healing information contained in The Emotion Code™, but also Dr Nelson's guidance and insights as you listen. 
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The Emotion Code™

  • The book that is changing lives all over the world - in an easy to navigate electronic format! Convenient to take with you anywhere on your Kindle, iPhone or other eReader, or you can get cozy while you read on your computer.
  • Downloads onto your device in seconds, so you can get reading right way! 
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"I purchased the book The Emotion Code™ and began reading it last night... I am so grateful for the pages I read last night — I believe the approach Dr Nelson takes is helping me to unlock the years and years and years of deep sorrow I have."

Demeree S. St George, UT

"Dr Nelson has the ability to make the complex simple, and to teach anyone these amazingly profound healing methods. This information has truly changed the direction of my life for the better and have had a profound effect on myself, my family and my patients."

Gwen L. Arlington, WA

“My finances have dramatically altered and even my health has improved. I’ve spent hours in therapy with less dramatic results than this simple practice. Dr Bradley is onto something huge!”

Dr. Toni Lamotta Sarasota, FL